Adatkocka Ltd. Adatkocka (meaning “Data Cube”), with its monthly subscription service, provides a comfortable, automated way for SoHo users to protect their files and documents for the price of a monthly cellphone bill. Adatkocka is a file server located in the user’s office, and it requires no IT knowledge to operate. It encrypts data so that it’s unreadable for anyone without the right access privileges, and automatically makes multiple encrypted copies to remote data centers. Its user-friendly graphical interface lets users set individual access rights easily, without any need for a systems administrator. Employing its secure encryption key technology also used in the baking industry, Adatkocka guarantees that data is only accessed by those with the right access privileges assigned by its owner. As encryption and back-ups take place without human interaction, the solution helps avoid any damages or costs associated with data loss.

Recognizing Amblyopia in early childhood

University of Pécs Our research team has developed a quick, simple and very sensitive method for detect amblyopia (“lazy eye”) in early childhood, after about 3 years of age. This method is capable of identifying any childhood visual disorders which may potentially lead to amblyopia. The test is based on dynamic random dot stereograms requiring two eyes to recognize a hidden object within the noise. Movies are generated on a laptop or tablet. In contrast to other, static stereo tests, the perception of the 3D objects becomes more difficult even for those who suffer only from mild disorder. Our results show that mild refractive errors and hidden squints can be identified easily.

Analogy Dialogue

Licence to Manage Ltd. Analogy Dialogue – Your Experience – Your Capital.

To this day, managing the most vital part of human capital, namely experience capital, is an unsolved challenge. Sharing and spreading accumulated experience within the organization makes it possible to significantly reduce costs of turnover (such as those related to loss of expertise, the on-boarding process and replacement) and overcome geographical boundaries (so that the same problem need never be solved twice, regardless of where it occurred). Analogy Dialogue is a methodology with an IT support, that integrates advanced search engine technology with the latest results of cognitive sciences, making it possible to access, store and share experience. Analogy Dialogue redefines the process of experience management and provides organizations with a way of turning their accumulated experience into actual capital.

Cloud Robot

mm Fejlett Technológiaimm

Eszközök Ltd.

TTTECH Ltd. is a robotics company developing massive humanoid robots for toy industry. CloudRobot has a cost-effective but cutting-edge conception opening new perspectives in the videogame market. CloudRobot gives the experience of virtual reality that turns your home into a magical place with computer games connected to the incredibly lifelike robots, moving like humans. The revolutionary, patented technology enables the control of any number of robots having their motions synchronized over the Internet. The games consist of two physically existing humanoid robot models, a boxing ring and a personal computer. The connection between the players (platforms) is built up over the Internet and a server keeps synchronized all users.

Biotech Laboratory Information Technology Institution Neumann


IT Faculty Óbuda University

 Biotech Lab / John von Neumann Faculty of Informatics – Obuda University/ The main research areas of the Biotech Lab at John von Neumann Faculty of Informatics are networked sensor solutions (AAL) for telecare/homecare services, wireless/GSM based alarm systems and eHealth portals for patients, cancer research using high-throughput medical/tissue image processing and bioinformatics. The Biotech Lab is successfully working on various eHealth and bioinformatics projects since 2004 and it is participating several regional and international (FP7) projects. The John von Neumann Faculty of Informatics competitiveness of European higher education area, the domestic IT education Computer Science and Engineering offers high quality BSc, MSc and PhD for gifted students at home and abroad. The Obuda University has 12,000 students, and it has a total of 900 employees, 400 teaching stuff, 5 faculty, 2 center and 3 campus continuing education and research.
Dension wireless remote contoller for smartphone

Dension Audio Systems Ltd. Dension WiRC is a WiFi-enabled, Linux-based hardware platform for remote controlling any non-high-precision device via Android smartphones or iPhones. There is no limit to its use cases except one’s imagination. It can make smart remote control of lighting systems, quadcopters, RC vehicles, relays, etc. a reality. It can even transfer video. With Dension WiRC, there’s no need to stockpile all those separate plastic remote conrols for various devices. Using 8 channels, it can be used to control complex systems, and its open development platform enables every developer and artist worldwide to make his or her dreams come true!



Egérút is an online crowd-sourced navigation app for smartphones. What makes it unique is that route planning is entirely server-based, aided by real-time anonymous user statistics, historic data, as well as traffic data entered by the operator. As the map database (containing dynamic POIs) is also server-based, users always access an up-to-date version. Downloading and using the app is free of charge, which should help widespread adoption. Services that build on Egérút include traffic data, network coverage map, customized navigation, fleet tracking, and location-based mobile advertising.
Gravity Impress

Gravity R&D Gravity R&D’s solutions increase profits for connected TV providers and large websites by dynamically personalizing content and product offers for their consumers. Gravity R&D’s adaptively learning altorithms track and learn user behavior and offer custom recommendations on any screen, taking them beyond obvious items to new discoveries. The company was founded by four researchers who later tied for first place in the prestigious Netflix Prize, where the team achieved the overall highest improvement against the recommender system of the world’s largest online video rental company. This TV- and streaming-recommendation knowledge was merged into IMPRESS, which has been implemented at several global IPTV providers to bring viewers personalized content recommendations.

Attrecto Ltd. Attrecto is a mobile-maniac smartphone app developer team in Győr. Its newest development is iDoo, a rethink of a previous hit, the 5 Minutes Break app, a finalist at the Move Your App 2010 Challange in San Francisco. iDoo gives you the flexibility to perform the perfect exercise, anywhere, anytime. The app is based on a patent pending algorithm that uses several sensors of the smartphone to compare the movement of the user with the perfect motion required by the exercise. The app features several exercises, targeting different muscles and body parts. This is the first app which not only teaches you how to do certain exercises correctly, but also provides instant feedback! Your mobilized personal trainer controls your performance and precision.

TCT Hungary Ltd. TcT Hungary Ltd. has become one of the most essential R+D companies in Hungary since its establishment in 1995. Their research lab has been the cradle of several high innovation content projects and successful products, such as the 2010 TechShow prize winner CallMix. This year the result of a 3 year long R+D program, dedicated to develop a unique solution for enhancing corporate efficiency, will be introduced to the audience. After implementing JobCTRL companies may achieve 30 % growth in economic efficiency. The system greatly contributes to the support of the management’s work as it is able to reduce the amount of time needed to be spent on average leadership tasks by half.

KIBU All we want is to listen to great music, wether it is produced by a garage band, a bedroom dj or an international superstar!

JustListenTo.It is a music player service based on Youtube’s tagging system. It arranges music according to the relevance of your tag search and plays it continuously. The fifteen most used tags regarding to your search appear next to your playlist so you can easily navigate in the tag could to find music, videos, live performances. You can really come across stuff that you wouldn’t necessary know about and can enormously expand your music database while transforming your listening habits!

Ma este színház!

Ma este színház! Ltd. Ma este Színház! (Tonight is Theatre!) uses the last minute business model for theatre tickets: we sell the remaining tickets half priced, on the very last day, over the internet. For the customers, Ma este Színház! offers easier choice, half priced tickets and the spontaneous last minute feeling over the traditional theater purchasing channels. For the theatres, Ma este Színház! ensures the optimal utilization of the seats and maximizes profits without disrupting the traditional full priced market. The past six months proved our concept highly successful: almost all theatres in Budapest joined and we nearly doubled our revenue each month.

mcule.com Ltd.. The main goal of mcule.com is to create the best drug discovery platform available online. Our solution is a unique combination of a carefully curated and up-to-date large database of molecules from various chemical suppliers, an integrated search framework and a fast molecule procurement service. Besides freely available search modules, our users can subscribe to extension packages including tools from an increasing number of trusted software providers like Chemaxon, BiosolveIt and mcule.com itself. Our experienced team is ready to help biotechnology and pharma companies boost the hit rate of their drug discovery pipeline.
Nemesys Engine



Nemesys Games is an independent game development studio located in the heart of Budapest, Hungary. We produce top quality racing and casual games with our in house developed 3D game engine on multiple game platforms. The Nemesys engine was developed to handle 3D atmospheres with capabilities to port mobile platforms. With our latest development on our engine we managed to get ahead of our competition and create environments that were never seen before in a mobile racing game.

 PPKE-ITK OptoForce is a novel three dimensional force sensor which outperforms the traditional one dimensional sensors available on the market. Due to its three dimensional force sensing capability not only the magnitude but the direction of the acting force (for example the slipping) can be accurately measured. Therefore, it does not simply outperform the traditional basic sensors but practically it creates a new category on the market. Beyond the three dimensional force sensing capability of our sensor, its high dynamic range makes it unique and able to measure even the gentlest touch of a feather and in the same time to be able to withstand and also to measure even an impact of a hammer!

University of Pécs The energy supply of the drive train will be a hidrogen powered PEM fuel cell, which is being researched by our university, with all the electronic components . We are researching an intelligent controllig unit, wich makes it able to work on the highest possible efficiency level. The shell was optimized aerodynamically, that means, the drag coefficient with 0.02 to Cd = 0.06 according to the CFD analysis. The weight of the numerically optimized composite body structure will be 20 kg less than before, this means 1⁄2 of the first vehicle. We will use carbon-composite materials, with honeycomb core.

Quargo is a new type of QR code, and QR reader! With Quargo mobile application the User can see visually the content of the links of the “old styled” QR codes without visiting the site. The Users can upload virtual contents to their own Quargo codes, which can be seen in Augmented Reality, so in this case we use the QR codes as AR (augmented reality) markers.

BME Infokom Ltd. RemoteSense brings wireless sensor networking to a whole new level. Utilizing state-of-the-art radio technology and communication protocol, the system is capable of transmitting information to a central node in self-organized, energy and cost efficient way, while the propagation properties are significantly better then other similar technologies. RemoteSense provides an outdoor range of 2-3 kilometers and an indoor range of 3-5 floors, operating on a pair of batteries for years. The solution is highly suitable for smart metering purposes such as water, gas and electricity remote measurement. For environmental and healthcare monitoring the extended range and the energy efficient operation combined with state-of-the-art security solutions opens new horizons. With RemoteSense utilizing two-way communication and simple self-organized installation, it can be easily used for data collection as well as initiating alarms or controlling actuators in industrial facilities or intelligent homes.

Dániel Endrődi The StratoDroid is a remote control, smart computer used for data collection, which also satisfies goals related to industry, home automation, nature observation and research. Due to its modular design it can be installed in a variety of ways and supplemented with various sensors and controllers, thus making its applications scalable. The device is capable of achieving parallel telemetry via satellite, GSM network, WiFi, Bluetooth or LAN connection. Due to its low power consumption it can be operated using solely renewable (particularly solar) energy sources. It works in environments ranging from the heat of one’s home to the cool of the wilderness, all the way to the cold vacuum of the upper stratosphere, and only a smart phone is needed to control it. Never Stop exploring….that is what StratoDroid is all about.

TaxiStartup TaxiStartup is a platform that has all the tools to run a taxi business like a pro! GPS tracking, cabs management, driver and passenger mobile apps, online booking system. And all that on a web cloud with 0 setup costs. Besides, we integrate with all those iphone taxi apps on the market. And here comes the dessert – all taxi companies on our platform can trade their orders and cabs with other taxi companies. Now, imagine a taxi company with no cabs. Sounds cool?

Let’s see if the world is ready for the change!


Szabolcs Patonai Enjoy free Wi-Fi by sending e-cards with your smartphone!

WiSpot gives tourists free Wi-Fi Internet access on participating networks. You simply share an e-card with your friends on your favorite social network from the designated locations and you instantly get free airtime. Our custom WiSpot Backend provides all the hardware, software and management tools needed to run a compatible network.  WiSpot networks are targeted at regional tourism promoters as a value added service and advertising tool. Today’s smartphone carrying tourists are increasingly frustrated by expensive data roaming and uncertain access to the Internet during their travels, so free Wi-Fi is a major calling card for them. At the same time the curated, personal e-card sharing by tourists represents significant and relevant exposure for the locations, thus generating advertising value for tourism promoters.