HITS videos and photos posted

A shorter and a longer version of our video report on the 2012 HITS can now be viewed on the event’s homepage.

The photos taken at the event can be seen at MMCluster’s Flickr page.

Thanks to Balázs Horváth for shooting and editing the videos, and to Péter Egyed for taking and culling the photos!


Our thanks to all of you, visitors, exhibitors, speakers, moderators, and fellow-organizers of the 2012 HITS for your participation. Hope to see you all again at the 2013 TechShow!

2012 HITS archived on Ustream

The talks and panel discussions of the 2012 HITS can be viewed in Ustream’s archives! continue reading

OptoForce, JobCTRL,, RemoteSense, Idoo, Analogy Dialogue are winners of HITS 2012

The winners of the 2012 Hungarian Innovation TechShow have been selected! A 3D force sensor (OptoForce), an efficiency enhancing workforce management system (JobCTRL), a molecule procurement service (, a new-generation wireless sensor network (RemoteSense), a virtual personal trainer (Idoo) and a novel experience management software(Analogy Dialogue) are this year’s TechShow awardees.

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Investors and tech experts in TechShow’s on-site panel

In addition to the audience prizes given to (i) the most innovative project and (ii) the best presentation, there will also be (iii) a special jury prize awarded by a panel of experts and investors to the project judged to be the best business opportunity. continue reading

Can’t make it on June 6th? Watch HITS live on Ustream!

Thanks to Ustream, those who cannot make it to the venue on June 6th, can nonetheless follow the event real-time on our website. The bandwidth necessary for livestreaming will be provided by vanNET. Many thanks to Ustream and vanNet!

International investors and Ustream co-founder & CTO among the speakers at HITS

The keynote speakers at the 2012 HITS! continue reading

Reduced-price tickets with MasterCard Mobile

Those getting their tickets with MasterCard Mobile – a mobile payment solution brought about by the partnership of Magyar Telekom, Cellum, MasterCard, FHB Bank and Telenor – will be able to take advantage of a special discount for their TechShow tickets. Details to be found here.

Sponsor wall to be built from Christie MicroTiles

Thanks to the kind support of Christie Digital, our sponsor wall at the Akvárium will be a stairs-shaped construction made of 35 Christie MicroTile monitors. Content will be created by Cinetrip, using the event’s and the sponsors’ logos as the graphic raw material. The technical supervisory for the assembly of the MicroTiles will be given by Lightware Kft., an expert in light technology and a rental place of MicroTiles.

Special TechShow app by Attrecto

Thanks to our recently joined Cluster member, Attrecto Zrt., a special TechShow Android application will help visitors navigate the event. If you have an Android phone or tablet, make sure to download and use the app!

HITS exhibitors will compete for valuable prizes

Valuable prizes will be awarded to the 2012 HITS exhibitors! continue reading

LEGO’s the building block of TechShow’s site design

This year LEGO pieces will provide the theme and the constitutive blocks of our event’s site design. As symbols of the process of construction and combinative resourcefulness, LEGOs will create a pertinent background for our exhibition and conference. The tens of thousands of LEGO bricks kindly lent to us LEGO Hungary will be assembled in accordance with the creative conception of Mimóza Communications by the KLIKK community, a fantastic team of LEGO enthusiasts.

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TechShow’s exhibitors have been selected

An independent, seven-member panel of experts and investors has selected the 21 exhibitors of the 2012 Hungarian Innovation TechShow. The exhibitors were selected from more than 40 applications. The list of exhibitors is available here.

Business Incubator Show

As a new feature at this year’s TechShow, we have invited some of Hungary’s leading startup programs and academic technology transfer offices to introduce themselves and their most recent projects of pride at our event. continue reading

Experts, investors, policy maker, journalist, and last year’s winner in HITS jury this year

This year again, the jury selecting the exhibitors at the Hungarian Innovation TechShow (HITS) well reflects the diverse stakeholders in the country’s innovation ecosystem.  continue reading

Dr. János Martonyi, Foreign Minister, and Dr. György Mészáros, President of the National Innovation Agency of the Hungarian Government are the government patrons of this year’s TechShow

Dr. János Martonyi, Hungary’s Foreign Minister, and Dr. György Mészáros, President of the National Innovation Agency of the Hungarian Government are the government patrons of this year’s TechShow. continue reading

MIT/Stanford Venture Lab Chair Emeritus Speaking at TechShow 2012

Accepting the invitation of the Hungarian Mobility and Multimedia Cluster, Ms. Gigi Wang, an internationally acclaimed marketing, sales and strategy expert, and a board member & chair emeritus of the MIT/Stanford Venture Lab, a high-tech entrepreneurial forum in Silicon Valley will be a keynote speaker at the 2012 Hungarian Innovation TechShow (HITS). continue reading

4th Innovation TechShow – Hungary’s startup scene showcases its very best

The Hungarian Mobility and Multimedia Cluster (MMCluster) has started the organization of this year’s Hungarian Innovation TechShow, a one-day event where the latest ICT products are served up to an audience of professionals, investors, and the general public. Dubbed as „Hungary’s CES“, the interactive gathering will be held on 6th June 2012, at the refurbished Akvarium Club (aka „Godor“). continue reading